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Agricultural Migrant/Season Worker Study

On Wednesday, April 13, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center on 6686 South Center Highway a forum entitled "Seasonal Worker Housing For Michigan Agriculture" will be held. The presenters are Connee Canfield, farmer, migrant housing developer and site manager for SunRISE migrant worker apartments in Hartford, MI (; Majed Ghussaini, manager for the Migrant Labor Housing Inspection and Licensing Division, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) reporting on updates on licensing rules for Agricultural Labor Camps licensing; and Ginger Bardenhagen, MDARD Regional Migrant Housing Inspector. The event is co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters Leelanau County and the Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center. Agricultural employers and workers and the general public are invited to the presentation.

Agricultural Migrant/Season Worker Study

Over the past five years the Farm Labor Task Force of the League of Women Voters Leelanau County (LWVLC) studied and hosted public programs regarding the labor challenges faced by our local agricultural employers in Leelanau County. Each year agricultural employers experience the challenge of securing a skilled, reliable, seasonal workforce in a highly competitive market. This issue affects the agricultural economy throughout Michigan, but particularly here in Leelanau County, the northern most destination in the migrant stream of agricultural workers.

In 2012 the Farm Labor Task Force completed a study of the hiring practices and visa issues confronting our agricultural employers who must recruit and retain migrant/seasonal workers, many accompanied by nonworking family members. This first study was undertaken mindful of the fact that both employers and workers are challenged by the lack of a streamlined, comprehensive federal immigration and guest worker policy. In 2013 the LWVLC then focused on what factors influence migrant/seasonal workers to travel, often over 1,000 miles, to Leelanau County. Through interviews of over 50 agricultural employers, workers and support agencies, it was determined that quality of life issues: housing, treatment by law enforcement, education, health care, and other services are compelling factors in attracting a viable workforce. With this report, the LWVLC hopes to make are citizens more aware of labor challenges facing our agricultural employers. Based on this report and the resulting position statement, the League will advocate in support attracting migrant/seasonal agricultural workers to our county.

Report on Agricultural/Migrant Seasonal Workers

Early Childhood Needs and Services Committee

The following is a list of resources compiled by the LWVLC Early Childhood Needs and Services Committee.

Resource List

Early Childhood Needs and Services Committee

For those of you who attended the April 6, 2016 Forum on "Early Intervention Improves Public Health" and missed the TED talk due to technical difficulties, the entire video and transcript of the program are available through these links:

This information should clarify the connection between childhood trauma/stress and long term health consequences, underlining the importance of early intervention. Thank you for your active participation in this month's Forum.

LWVLC Early Childhood Needs and Services Committee.

Early Childhood Needs and Services Committee

LWVLC President Marian Kromkowski and Early Childhood Needs and Service Committee Chair Sue Miller advocated for the need for comprehensive and integrated early childhood services before the Leelanau Board of Commissioners on July 21, 2015. A copy of their presentation and a handout out provided to the Board of Commissioners on the value of investing in early childhood development are linked below.

LWVLC Early Childhood Statement to BOC 7/21/15

The Heckman Equation

Energy & Natural Resources Committee Study - Ongoing

Age Friendly Leelanau Committee

Recognizes that a large portion of seniors dispersed over a rural area is unique. The Committee will review established standards for age-friendliness; collect information on the circumstances of seniors in Leelanau County; Assess the gaps between the ideal and the actual, and propose measures to address these findings

Equal Rights Advocacy (ERA) Committee

The ERA Committee will research local issues relating to equal rights for all, regardless of sex, educate the public on the still existing challenges of sex discrimination, and advocate for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Voter Services Committee

Accompanies county clerk staff as they register students at high schools and Northwestern Michigan College and provide handouts in English and Spanish explaining acceptable voter ID, procedures for absentee voting and a helpful checklist for new voters. We educate the public on all local mileage issues as well as potential state constitutional amendments and ballot proposals. Visit