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June 2019
  State Convention.
Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Government Center
Lower Level
Suttons Bay, MI
June Monthly Meeting - Special Exhibit. Talkin' Trash - Where do your Consumer Choices Lead? What can you do with stuff you no longer want? What can we do about the plastics problem?

Contact: Ann McInnis 231-386-5680 What do consumers do with stuff no longer wanted? Are food scraps just destined for landfills along with zillions of discarded electronic items or things made of plastic? China will no longer accept American throw-aways for recycling as in the past. What options are there to deal with disposing of the huge amount of waste which, in fact, equates to a huge waste of energy and natural resources?

Wednesday, June 5 at NOON, the League of Women Voters Leelanau County will be hosting a forum at the Leelanau County Government center called "Talkin Trash" during which Andy Gale of Bay Area Recycling for Charities and Marcia Harris of Leelanau Solid Waste Council hope to answer these questions and more.

Arrive early at 11:00 AM to check out the Pre-Show Exhibits of books, art using recyclables, easy composting, recycling, repurposed items, results of a 1 month experiment in "zero-plastic ", and more. When we learn that humans and their livestock now make up about 96% of the Earth's biomass leaving only 4% for other wild creatures, along with learning how our exorbitant use of fossil fuel energy is impacting the future of all of Earth's lifeforms....wouldn't it seem like we need to do all we can to not waste so much of our energy and resources? Learn on June 5th how we might do that and what you can do.

The public is welcome and many bring a sack lunch. A League of Women Voters Leelanau County business meeting will follow. Agenda and minutes from our forum of May 5th are available on our website.

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Monday, June 24, 2019
  Annual Board Retreat.